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Nikos Ferras Founder & CEO - KUDU
Nikos Ferras - Founder & CEO - KUDU
If I was to put the care that went into building our online store on a scale, I would definitely give these guys a top grade. They delivered a store with amazing features, both for the user and for the administrators. They understood our brief perfectly and covered every single one of our needs. I am extremely satisfied with how we worked together, and we’ll definitely come back for more projects.

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Virtual Reality (VR)

Create a groundbreaking shopping, educational or entertainment experience for your customers. Let's build a multisensory environment for your business where the physical merges with the digital.

Want to transport your online presence in the virtual world?

VR Museum Tours

Embark on an innovative journey with our VR Museum Tours.

Tailored for museums, galleries, and cultural institutions, our immersive experiences redefine the way patrons engage with exhibits.

Amplify the accessibility and impact of your collections by delivering the magic directly to your audience's homes through our Browser Interactive Tours Elevate the experience of your visitors with our VR Museum Tours, creating an unparalleled sense of presence.

Designed with museums in mind, our tours provide not only a seamless and educational experience but also serve as a dynamic extension of your institution directly to a global audience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Enhance your customers' perception of your brand. Combine virtual objects with the real world to provide your customers with a new level of experience of space, living beings and materials.

Want to transport your online presence in the virtual world?

High quality 3D models

Increase your conversion rate with realistic 3D versions of your products. We'll make top quality, accurate models that help increase your sales and minimize your returns.

Want to transport your online presence in the virtual world?

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Have you ever wished you could hire a results-oriented team with top-level technical expertise and a multi-disciplinary understanding of e-commerce?

Well, we hate to toot our own horn, but that sounds a lot like us - plus, we provide nothing less than stellar support throughout the course of your project.
Zdravko Tomov Head of F.O.G. - FICOSOTA
I’m impressed by their professionalism and the way they talked the management of the company into accepting design and functionality features that eventually brought us a lot of clients. They understood our needs in depth and supported us in building a sales-oriented channel for direct communication with consumers.
Iro Tourva E-commerce manager - Prigipo
Iro Tourva
We worked closely for quite a while as they were building our new online store, and communication was always productive and flawless — and it still is, as we grow and our ongoing requirements become more and more complex. They made the transition from our old to the new store a breeze, and our day-to-day processes were never affected in the slightest. Highly recommended.

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