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Zdravko Tomov Head of F.O.G. - FICOSOTA
I’m impressed by their professionalism and the way they talked the management of the company into accepting design and functionality features that eventually brought us a lot of clients. They understood our needs in depth and supported us in building a sales-oriented channel for direct communication with consumers.
Iro Tourva E-commerce manager - Prigipo
Iro Tourva
We worked closely for quite a while as they were building our new online store, and communication was always productive and flawless — and it still is, as we grow and our ongoing requirements become more and more complex. They made the transition from our old to the new store a breeze, and our day-to-day processes were never affected in the slightest. Highly recommended.

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Most Popular
Premium Services *Offered by MALVI
Essential Shopify
consulting & setup
  • Store setup
  • Shipping methods
  • Payment methods
  • Shopify Apps reccommendations
  • Notifications setup
  • Training
Optimal Shopify
theme setup
Everything on Essential, plus:
  • Brand adaptation
  • Features customization
    (up to 5 hours of development)
  • Marketing feeds
From €5.000
Growth Shopify theme setup
& development customization
Everything on Optimal, plus:
  • Theme customization & development
  • Custom icons/micro-animations
  • Copywriting
  • Shopify Apps setup
From €7.000
Premium Custom web design
& development
Everything on Growth, plus:
  • Custom design
  • Full brand experience integration
  • Custom UI & UX design
  • Unique product longform pages
  • ERP/WMS integration*
From €12.000
Shopify Plus The enterprise solution
for superior retail experiences
Everything on Premium, plus:
  • Additional stores setup
  • Shopify Scripts
  • Shopify Flows
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Premium Services *Offered by MALVI
Premium Service *Offered by MALVI
Premium Service *Offered by MALVI
Most Popular
Store setup
We remove all of the guesswork involved in one of the first (and most tedious) steps, and help you get started through a simple onboarding process
Shipping methods
We discuss and set up your shipping methods based on weight or price and guide you to calculate a shipping rate that’s fair for you as well as for your customers
Payment methods
We guide you through the process of picking the right payment methods and we set up the necessary connections
Shopify Apps recommendations
Based on your store’s needs, we suggest the most useful apps that will help your store convert and grow, or make your day-to-day management simpler — or both
Notifications setup
Your customer notifications are important for communicating effectively with your customers. We help you set them up in order to match your brand voice and serve your store’s needs
Our expert team will break down and explain your store’s features step-by-step, and will make sure everything is perfectly clear. We'll walk you through processes such as product creation, inventory management, order fulfilment, discounts and more.
Marketing feeds
Be it Facebook Ads, Google Shopping or whatever else you might need for your marketing efforts, we’ll set up a perfectly customized feed for your store.
Brand adaptation
Your store should look like it’s yours, so we’ll make the necessary adjustments to include your logo and match your brand’s elements and colors.
Custom development
If you need a piece of functionality that’s not included by default or a custom solution for a must-have feature, our expert development team is here to build whatever you require.
Custom icons/animations
Even the smallest details can make your store stand out. Forget about generic, overused icons and bland transitions.
Good copy can make or break a store. We write marketing-based actionable texts and CTAs in order to match your brand’s tone of voice and drive sales. *(product descriptions and legal texts are not included)
Shopify Apps setup
We’ll not only suggest the best apps for your store, we’ll also set them up for you, so that you enjoy the experience of a full-fledged Shopify store, minus the setup hustle.
Custom design
We'll tweak the theme's design to facilitate your store's functionality and additional design elements, to create a seamless experience for your visitors.
Full brand experience integration
Your brand is your no.1 asset and that should be reflected on your store. Our design team will create an online experience that aligns perfectly with your brand’s goals and is laser-focused to speak directly to your audience.
Custom UI & UX design
User stories guide our decisions to create the most efficient flows for your visitors and a unique branded experience, with conversions in mind. MALVI’s design & marketing experience in the e-commerce scene at your service.
Unique product longform pages
We are firm believers of longform product pages. A product has a story to tell in order to attract a customer to place an order. We design and build the most unique longform pages that highlight your brand’s differentiation along with each product’s features, in order to keep visitors engaged for a longer time and help boost your conversions.
ERP/WMS integration
If your company uses an ERP/WMS solution to manage your sales and inventory, then we’ll set up or build the perfect integration using Shopify’s extremely flexible REST APIs.
Additional stores setup
If you need more stores than one or if you’re expanding to wholesale, with Shopify Plus you may build up to 10 additional stores to support your expansion strategy.
Shopify automations
Enjoy a seamless, streamlined eCommerce experience and leave the complicated parts to us. With powerful tools such as Shopify Scripts, Shopify Flow and Launchpad, you can take advantage of advanced automations that help you optimize your workflow and focus on your brand’s growth.
Checkout customization
Let us customize the checkout process by adding functionality through custom scripts or by creating a unique branded experience
Need to sell in multiple languages? Using our custom, native multilingual solution we can help you bring your products to more people, anywhere in the world.
If you already have customer and product data from a previous store, we’ll transfer everything over to Shopify flawlessly. We will migrate products, customers and orders with accuracy from any e-commerce platform.
We’re here to help your business grow. Our experienced support team will help and guide you towards the best and most cost-effective solution for anything that may come up. No hidden fees, no extra charges. Just simple, top-class support.
Essential Shopify
consulting & setup
From €100/month
Most Popular
Optimal Shopify
theme setup
Up to 5 hours
From €100/month
Growth Shopify theme setup
& development customization
From €100/month
Premium Services
Premium Custom web design
& development
From €100/month
Shopify Plus The enterprise solution for superior retail experiences
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Essential €2.000
Growth From €7.000
Premium From €12.000
Shopify Plus Contact Us

Shopify consulting & setup

Our expert Shopify team can help you set up your store and guide you through the learning process, cost estimates and basic ecommerce strategy for growing your online business.

Who it’s for

  • Newcomers to the Shopify platform
  • Existing merchants who want to test out a new store concept fast

What’s in it for me

  • No-friction onboarding process
  • Fastest way to have your store’s setup done for you in a couple of days
  • No wasted hours trying to configure settings you’re unsure of
  • Training from an expert team

Shopify theme setup

Using Shopify’s official themes, we can take on everything from theme set-up, to tweaking the look and feel of your website and migration of your data, getting you launch-ready as soon as possible.

Who it’s for

  • New merchants who need a solid start for their business
  • Business owners who want a fully functional store fast, without the hustle

What’s in it for me

  • You don’t need to know anything about Shopify’s nuts and bolts — we take care of everything

Shopify theme setup & development customization

We’ll customize Shopify’s official themes to deliver a design that perfectly matches your brand and gives your store the custom look it deserves.

Who it’s for

  • Brands with a differentiated offering, who want to go the extra mile and make sure their store stands out from the competition

What’s in it for me

  • Your brand’s differentiating attributes are reflected through a customized Shopify theme
  • Copywriting that helps communicate your advantages effectively and sell your products

Custom web design & development

If you’re looking for a fully customized solution for your brand then this is the option for you.

Who it’s for

  • Companies who need to make their online store an integral part of their long term business strategy
  • Stores with more demanding UI/UX requirements

What’s in it for me

  • A store that’s 100% tailored to your individual needs and 100% aligned with your specific business goals, designed to help your business grow
  • Custom functionality, specifically designed and implemented to address problems of advanced complexity

The enterprise solution for superior retail experiences

If you own a high-volume store, if you have complex processes or if you’d like to sell through multiple online and physical locations, we can help with every aspect of building and growing your stores.

Who it’s for

  • Retailers with complex and challenging business processes and/or a high transactions volume
  • Businesses with multiple customer touch points (online as well as physical stores)

What’s in it for me

  • A scalable infrastructure for your stores, designed to facilitate growth and expansion
  • Advanced solutions to even the most complicated technical issues through Shopify Scripts and Flows
  • Central management of all your stores and staff accounts
  • Unlimited possibilities for customization of your store’s design, structure and functionality


If your business thrives, that’s good for our business too, simple as that.   We want to be your partner and guide you every step of the way to overcome any issues, so you can focus on increasing your revenue. Whatever service you pick, we commit to providing outstanding support.


For merchants already within the Shopify family, our in-depth site audit leaves no stone unturned, meticulously identifying weaknesses in product structure, user flows, conversion rates, performance, and speed in your current website.

This comprehensive analysis equips you with invaluable insights to elevate your website’s overall functionality and enhance the user experience.

What we check

and speed


Slow-loading websites lead to frustrated users and lost revenue. Our audit meticulously examines your eshop’s performance, optimizing speed and efficiency to ensure a seamless, swift user experience.

Proper use of
Shopify apps


We evaluate the effectiveness and impact of your current app integrations, ensuring they contribute positively to your site’s overall performance and user experience. And if they don’t contribute, we show them their way out.



We assess the layout and responsiveness, ensuring a visually appealing and user-friendly experience across devices, enhancing engagement and encouraging prolonged site interaction.



A well-organized product structure is crucial for a smooth user journey. Our audit dissects your product organization, providing insights to optimize and streamline your product offerings for a more intuitive and compelling shopping experience.

Conversion User flows
& On-site Μarketing


We scrutinize user flows, from landing to checkout, and assess on-site marketing strategies, providing a tailored report that uncovers opportunities for improving conversion rates: the lifeblood of ecommerce.



Nobody wants technical hiccups. We meticulously examine and address any errors occurring in your website’s console, ensuring a smooth and error-free browsing experience for your visitors.

On page


We conduct a preliminary SEO check and assess key elements, offering targeted recommendations to optimize your site & content structure, allowing its valuable data to be properly crawled and improve your site ranking.



We offer suggestions for optimizing accessibility, as it is not only a key performance and ranking indicator for search engines, but also a basic legal requirement in the EU and the USA.

Why us

Have you ever wished you could hire a results-oriented team with top-level technical expertise and a multi-disciplinary understanding of e-commerce?

Well, we hate to toot our own horn, but that sounds a lot like us - plus, we provide nothing less than stellar support throughout the course of your project.


Here are four of
a hundred reasons

Focused on the needs of your store

Hosting and server maintenance are included in all plans by default. State-of-the-art features are added constantly and made available to all merchants, and advanced analytics give you everything you need to monitor and optimise your sales. Shopify is built specifically to make e-commerce easy.



With 99.99% uptime and automatic server-side software updates that you won’t ever notice, you are guaranteed a reliable store with lightning fast access. You get unlimited bandwidth, as well as automatically increased bandwidth allocation whenever you need it, because a store has to perform no matter what — especially in those moments when traffic soars.


Easy to use

Whether you’re new to e-commerce or just new to Shopify, the fully-featured Content Management System is designed to make managing your online store a breeze. It gives you total control over your store and saves you incredible amounts of administration time and resources. Now you can focus on running your business.



Shopify has you covered in terms of any kind of needs you may have for growing your business, both for your online and your physical store. It’s always first to adopt new technologies and make them available to you even before you realise you need them, so you can move forward safely and differentiate in new ways. With features such as flexible POS for your physical stores and support for video, 3D and AR for your e-shop, there’s nothing left to ask for in terms of growing in an ever-changing environment.

Nikos Ferras Founder & CEO - KUDU
Nikos Ferras - Founder & CEO - KUDU
If I was to put the care that went into building our online store on a scale, I would definitely give these guys a top grade. They delivered a store with amazing features, both for the user and for the administrators. They understood our brief perfectly and covered every single one of our needs. I am extremely satisfied with how we worked together, and we’ll definitely come back for more projects.

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